If it never started, how do you make it end? Crushing takes place when someones activities and notions are interesting to you. You seek to find more about them, whether it is stalking on social media sites or hanging out with their friends to try to find something out. For example, you post up a picture or a status on Facebook and hope they give it a simple like. And when they don’t, that feeling inside (even though its not life threatening) kills you. Your heart sinks. You see this person active on messenger but yet, no like.  You felt like you haven’t impressed them enough, not enough for a thumbs up. And then of course there’s all these scenarios coming up from inside your brain trying to relieve this mental stress.

What I’m trying to say is, this feeling is inevitable. This is part of a process called crushing. Its normal and it happens to everyone. Who knows, maybe at this very moment someone is crushing on you. 🙂


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