Thoughts Written.

So, I was thinking today what the world would be like if everyone was honest. How would we live in a world like that? If everyone was honest, then there would be no second-thoughts, ifs-and-what-ifs, maybe-this, or maybe-that. Everything would be just a statement and the answer will be direct. Wouldn’t it?



24, New York City, Graphic Artist living in Brooklyn. Cheers to the first of many posts. :]

This blog would consists of everyday thoughts, problems,  and inspirational ideas coming from a girl with to many things to handle.

Lets start this post off with the word perfect. What’s perfect? Who defines it? Why is being perfect perfect? I feel like there’s no such thing as perfection. I think it’s even better that way. Why? Because everyone should be unique. Isn’t that even better than being just like everyone else?

So, the word perfect should only be used for cats. Puuurrfect.