Beep beep. Boop.

2015. Lets make a change. As a broke college student struggling to pay for her tuition, I still want to make a difference.Its cold in New York during the winter and working by Herald Square, there are so many people that need help. From keeping themselves warm, to just grabbing a bite, I want to make a difference. I still vividly remember this poor guy on the corner of West 30th Street and 7th Avenue. You looked so delighted reading the instructions off the emergency pack of water you were holding. I wish I had stopped and offered you my granola bar (the only food I had with me at that time) but I didn’t. I still regret it. Random acts of kindness; here it goes.



Allowing someone to throw your emotions around because having them throwing it around is better than not having them at all. Allowing someone to make you feel special and yet allowing the same someone to make you feel pushed aside. Why can’t we open up a little and let our vulnerability take us over a little bit? In this age and time, all we care about are how others see us; how we look; how society wants us to feel. Question is, why do we care so much about others and not care about our real emotions? Imagine: a world where emotions are let free from our minds. Happiness is not a state, yet it is life. Bright and sunny, grassy plains with colorful flowers. A speckle, a glimpse, a spark; music that calms your soul. Peace. Serenity.



-Fall Begins. And the truth is, it’s never going to happen.